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Mr. Bushido

swordsman of the seas

Roronoa Zoro fans
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Welcome to mr_bushido, a livejournal community dedicated to Roronoa Zoro of the manga and anime, One Piece. Please join if you would like to support this great swordsman of the seas!

This is an open community, meaning that it is open to all members and all content. Providing that they abide by a few simple rules:

Absolutely no flaming. Abide by the golden rule. One Piece seems to have a really awesome fanbase, let's keep it that way! Everyone has different opinions and tastes, so please respect them.

Use the LJ cut tag when appropriate. If your post contains adult material, images, or any spoilers, please mark it with the appropriate warning and use the cut tag! Adult material and spoilers may offend some fans and images can clog up friends' list pages, the thoughtful thing to do is make viewing such material optional. If you don't know what the cut tag is, you can read about it here.

Stay on topic. I know this may seem obvious, but please have some sort of reference to Zoro in each post. Whether it's to share images, thoughts, or an introduction, it would be best if we stayed on topic.

Het, yaoi, and yuri pairings are welcome. There is to be no discrimination in this community. As long as Zoro is getting some loving, we should be happy for him. He deserves it! And if you can find some way to make a Zoro pairing yuri, I'm sure we'd all love to see it, as amusing as the idea sounds. Also, please remember to include this category in your warnings if necessary.

Okay, now that that icky sticky part is over.... HAVE SOME FUN.

This community is brought to you buy your friendly neighborhood Zoro-addict: jarvisaur