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[FIC] Sansen Sekai

Hello all! New to the fandom, so I don't know if FFN is massively out of fashion or what. Nevertheless!

(It's a personal challenge to update a chapter a day until the end, and though I've sometimes posted at 11:30 PM, I've made it so far for the first three chapters.)

Title: Sansen Sekai (Three Thousand Worlds)
Rating: R to be safe
Pairing: Gen, though I'm a ZoLu shipper at heart-- and you can tell. Also, every other chapter focuses on a different AU version of Zoro and Robin.
Spoilers: Real world portion takes place after Arabasta arc, but there are spoilers up to Robin's past.
Summary: They say that death is final, but no Strawhat would accept that without a fight. Now Zoro and Robin must struggle through a bewildering maze of alternate universes in search of their memories, their selves—and each other.
(This cut is so fake it tastes like ketchup.)

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