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Nov 11th cometh!!

Okay, for those of you who don't know me, I am a mad Zoro fan. No da.

So, every year on Nov 11th, I post a birthday site for Zoro!

What I'm asking for is any donations of images/drawings/stories (whatever type/pairing)/poems... anything related to Zoro and I will post it. This includes any DJS you need hosted or anything else.

I will also be putting Pirate Hunter Zoro back up (although its not-so-new name of Mr so that's something to be said.

Any way... HELP ME MAKE IT GRAND!! XDDD Last year quite a few people participated and that made me VERY happy!

Also, I have some new DJS to put up and a few new images, so it's ALL good. I was just out of the loop, not dead! ^__^

Please email me at! KTHNX!!

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